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Agnes Under The Big Top

The American dream of the unsuccessful.


Address: La Fabrika



Agnes under the Big Top is a story of despair and sharp-tongued cynicism. It is the American dream turned upside down. We have all been there. We have left home, family, love, so we could live a better York City, in its underground, 5 characters cross their paths; Agnes, a young woman who left her son at home to make money in America to give him a better life, Shipkov and his wife Roza, “winners” of the green card lottery, Happy, a happy young man, or is he?

Ella, a bedridden American with a bitter attitude to everything. Story of Agnes is not the story from a front page of a newspaper, it wouldn’t make headlines. It is a subtle yet haunting outcry of the lost, the unsuccessful, the pigeon-hearted, the unheard and the rigid. It is everyone’s story, your story, only this time you’ll get to see it happening to someone else.