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Animal farm

The play is based on George Orwell’s 1945 novella originally published as Animal Farm: A Fairy Story. Do not be fooled by the sub-title. It is no children’s material, its imagery is wholly bleak, and its humour dark, if not absent at all.

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We are a Prague based performing group who started as an establishment to help people learn english. We grew into an amazing group that each of us call a second family. We think big and cannot stick to minimalism. We jump over our heads and land successfully. We believe that theater is for everyone. It is not something a person has to suffer for but to make its soul bloom. We all bloomed and pray for more people to experience the euphoria of applause and happy faces, friendship and love.


The Drama Queens’ main purpose is to study, interpret and perform great works of drama as well as adapt other works of art to stage. We believe that production value, technical acting, stage design and the overall spectacle are not strictly prerogatives of professional well funded ensambles.


Creating a “well oiled machine” of a theater performance does not have to stand and fall on ideal conditions. The Drama Queens has been the proof that even coming from a humble position one can achieve great results rivaling those of professional theater

Connect & Collaborate

We strive to build a community of performing artists that could share a common ground. Connecting the theater community, helping one another to surpass one’s limitations and providing necessary support is one the cornerstones of the DQ spirit.



We have proven that it is not important where one begins their journey but how far one wants to go. The Drama Queens has always  been composed of people with little to no previous theater background, yet willing to learn the secrets of the trade. Using our own methodology, under careful and diligent directorial guidance, we change the theater – goers into theater – doers.


The Front Page

The Front Page will take you to the world of the 1920s.

Theater show "Les Miserables" in La fabrika, Prague

Les Miserables

Our own dramatization of the timeless classic

Theater show "Black Comedy" in Činoherní klub, Prague

Black Comedy

How do you make a good impression when the lights are off? Farce in one act.

Theater show "The 39 Steps" in La Fabrika, Prague

The 39 Steps

Spies, love and nazis.

Theater show "Agnes Under The Big Top" in La Fabrika, Prague

Agnes Under The Big Top

The American dream of the unsuccessful


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