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Black Comedy

How do you make a good impression when the lights are off? Farce in one act.

Date: 28.January | 19:00h

Address: Divadlo Na Prádle, Besední 3, Malá Strana, Praha 1

Price: 250czk

Carol and Brindsley, an engaged couple, have invited a millionaire to see Brindsley’s sculpture, and to impress him have ‘borrowed’ antiques from a neighbour, the camp Mr Gorringe. Carol’s formidable father is also expected. Then the lights fuse, and the arrival of several other unexpected visitors in the darkness wrecks the evening.

Cast & Crew

Annamária Agócsová

Pavel Caldr

Luboš Duda

Anna Ebel

Aleš Gregor

Žaneta Chrobočková

Mikuláš Mařík

Julia Okhrimenko

Milan Ondruch

Vasilina Pazdnikova

Pavla Roučková

Jana Stupková

Stage design

Aleš Gregor

Light design

Petr Taclík


Julia Okhrimenko


Pavla Roučková

Directed by

Martin Murín