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The Front Page

The Front Page will take you to the world of the 1920s, as unscrupulous reporters, ever-present corruption, and some unexpected twists will keep you on the edge of your seat, all the while tickling your funny bone.

Date: 24.October | 19:30h tickets

           25.October | 19:30h tickets

Address: Činoherní klub Ve Smečkách 594/26, 110 00, Nové Město

Price: 360czk

Lenght: 2 hours 20 minutes plus an intermission

The Front Page is a comedy written in 1928 by American authors Charles MacArthur and Ben Hecht. Both had plentiful source material to draw on from their work as reporters in Chicago. Its jaunty dialogue and agile plot, which sees several story-chasing journalists and a few corrupt lawmen battle it out over a long-awaited hanging, made the play an instant hit.
Moving pictures soon followed, and the next 95 years of its existence were lined with various film adaptations and countless success on stage. So many years on Broadway and in Hollywood now find their reward and the play gets its most unfathomable honor – the Drama Queens treatment!